As many of you know, this music thing can be a long grueling road. It seems, however, that it gets better every year. All I’ve ever wanted was to make people smile. I think that my mixes have helped a lot of people.


I started in DJing and producing in 2002

After playing upright bass in a ton of different bands ranging from Metal to Ska, I became obsessed with the art of turntablism. Turntables, however, are expensive so when my parents told me they wanted to buy me a car, I asked if they would buy me a set of decks instead.

I have been lucky enough to meet people who’ve enabled me to fly around the world. Los Vegas, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Ghent, Belgium. I have played a lot of places and am honored to know so many wonderful people. The gigs keep growing! In fact, this last year in Los Vegas, I closed out the night to a crowd of 10,000.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” – Henry Ford

Currently working on my first official full length album. One thing that I love most about this genre is how ubiquitous it has become. It is, however, becoming just a slight bit stale. My concept is to bring back a few real instruments. I’m currently shooting for a release date in the spring of 2016.